Writing About Fashion


Fashion is all about how you dress, from the clothes you wear to your hairstyle and any other adornments. It’s also about the way you carry yourself and your attitude. It’s a constant contest for popularity that involves more than just the latest styles – it encompasses the entire world around you, including your social group and culture.

The world of Fashion has always been closely linked with the arts. Musicians and other cultural icons have influenced what people wear, just as political figures, royalty and other members of the elite have done. The media influences fashion as well – newspapers report on what Hillary Clinton is wearing and magazines show pictures of celebrities in their most current looks.

In the past, a new fashion trend could take up to 15 years to make it from city to country, but with improved rail travel and heightened awareness of style in the early 20th century, that cycle became much faster. It’s hard to say exactly when a trend becomes popular – it could be anything from a new song or movie to a sexy celebrity photo.

Writing about Fashion can be challenging – it’s important to write with impeccable grammar, but it’s even more crucial to have a solid idea of what you’re trying to tell. If you want to be a good writer on the subject, immerse yourself in it – read as many fashion magazines and cut out pictures of the designs that appeal to you most. Attending a fashion show can be a great way to experience the world first hand and gain some inspiration for your next article.

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