What Is Technology?


Technology is a broad term that describes how knowledge is creatively applied to organised tasks with people and machines to meet sustainable goals. It encompasses all aspects of life including, but not limited to:

Business: Technology helps businesses keep their edge over competition by facilitating the flow of information and data within the company. This process is very important as it ensures that all departments are working on the same page, customers are served promptly and the business does not lose out on opportunities to improve their bottom line.

Communication: Communication technology tools like phones, computers, emails and messaging apps help people stay in touch with their family and friends. This helps them manage work schedules, collaborate with co-workers on projects and remain productive. It also enables them to promote new products or services to targeted consumers.

Education: Educational technology offers students an opportunity to learn at their own pace and connect with experts in various fields through virtual guest speaker sessions. It allows teachers to incorporate interactive activities and hands-on demonstrations into their classes.

Health & Safety: Technology has helped to develop more efficient vehicles and machinery that reduce the risk of accidents at workplaces. However, it has also contributed to an increase in environmental pollution which impacts human health and the planet.

Individual inventiveness is critical to technological innovation, but social and economic forces usually strongly influence what technologies get funded, promoted, paid attention to, invested in, and used. The balance of benefits, costs, side effects, and risks is usually not fully known at the time that technologies are proposed or chosen, although scientists and engineers play a significant role in trying to assess them as well as possible.

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