What Is Technology?


Technology is the use of knowledge to create tools, systems and processes that improve our lives. Different areas of technology include communications, computer science, engineering, manufacturing, medicine, transportation and the military.

Some of the most significant advances in modern history have come from technology. These technologies have allowed people to live more comfortable and productive lives than ever before. Technology also plays a crucial role in how we relate to each other and the natural world.

Most technological innovations spread and disappear on the basis of free-market forces, but occasionally they become issues of public debate and sometimes even formal regulation. This often happens when a new technology poses concerns about environmental or social impact, such as contour plowing, genetically modified food, and nuclear power plants.

Incremental technology is a type of technological advancement that focuses on making smaller changes to an already existing aspect of a product. This can include upgrading the versions of operating systems, releasing security patches, or making modifications to an online service.

In the education field, technology allows teachers to keep lines of communication open with students and parents. It also provides students with a way to work at their own pace in assignments, and allows teachers to provide one-on-one instruction for more struggling students. It is also used to help students develop skills that will be necessary for future technical working environments. Online grading systems, online school management software and discussion forums are examples of the kinds of educational technology that are available today.

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