What is Law?

Law is a set of rules created and enforced by a governing authority to ensure peace and justice within society. When people break the laws sanctions can be imposed to punish them.

Different countries have different systems of Law. The United States has a common law system, which means that judges make up the laws from case histories and precedent rather than a written code. Most other countries use a civil law system, where judges are bound by codes written by the upper courts.

The precise definition of law is a subject of debate. For example, some scholars believe that the idea of a moral law can be derived from the natural laws of science. Others argue that the concept of a legal system can be based on principles of probability and rational choice.

Another issue is how the law is interpreted and applied in practice. For example, there is a lively debate about whether or not our judging class should be more diverse, and about how much a judge’s personal sense of right and wrong should enter into the decision making process. There are also a variety of debates about how to enforce the law and what types of sanctions should be imposed when people break the law. The study of these issues is called jurisprudence. A career in the Law can be rewarding and exciting. It is important to understand the many complexities of the Law before embarking on such an endeavour.

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