What is Fashion?


Fashion Style: well written

The term fashion can be used to describe a prevailing manner of dress, speech, or conduct that is popular at some time. The word can also be used in a negative sense to describe something that is considered unfashionable.

Fashion is a multibillion-dollar global enterprise that involves the production of clothes and other items for use by people in the world. It includes the design of clothing; the manufacture of fabrics and other components for the production of the clothing; and the marketing and distribution of the finished product.

It is a cyclical process, with a variety of styles designated “in fashion” at one time or another. Some fashions, like short skirts in England in 1960 or blue jeans in the United States in 2000, remain “in fashion” for a long period of time and then come back out of fashion again.

In contrast, other styles, often those that are not “in fashion” at any given time, tend to come and go quickly and easily. For example, a fad for fancy scent bottles could be popular for a few years, then disappear and be replaced by something else.

The direction of trends in fashion relies on a wide range of individuals, especially those who are plugged into the fashion media and other forms of cultural communication. They include designers, buyers, and others in the industry. They can influence what is popular at any given time and are often called gatekeepers.

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