The Importance of Healthy Relationships


Relationships are an important part of life. They help us feel secure and fulfilled, and cherished by another. They can be romantic or platonic, in-person or online. Some people are in relationships that don’t make them happy but they stay because they think it is “momentary” or they’ve heard that healthy relationships take work. But at Love is Respect we believe that healthy relationships do take work but it doesn’t have to be exhausting or difficult. Rather, it can be like a hobby you’re really into or that school project you got totally psyched about.

Having positive, loving relationships can give you the support and confidence to pursue your dreams and to cope with stress and setbacks in life. Whether your relationship is a supportive friend, family member, mentor, coach or significant other, having someone cheering you on makes you more likely to take risks and be your best self.

Healthy, committed relationships can provide you with many benefits including lower stress levels, better sleep quality and a more robust body. They can also improve your social and communication skills. In addition, research shows that relationships have a strong impact on our mental health and can even extend our lifespan.

Intimate relationships can be sexual, but they can also be emotional or based on a shared interest, such as a passion for the same sport. A meaningful relationship has a foundation of trust and mutual respect, where the two partners value each other above all others. This can be achieved by keeping an open line of communication, respecting each other’s feelings and boundaries, balancing busy schedules and priorities, and remembering the little things about one another.

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