How to Spot Law Enforcement Issues


Having a basic understanding of the law will help you spot legal issues. These issues may come from unforeseen events or planned events. Some legal issues are very easy to spot, while others may require a lawyer’s help.

One of the easiest ways to spot legal issues is to read a case. Look for common issues, such as immigration, consumer rights, housing problems, and debt. If you aren’t sure what a legal issue is, look for undisputed evidence, or a question or problem that is answered by the law.

Spotting legal issues can also prepare you for law school. You will need to identify legal issues and determine how to present them in a legal brief.

You can find a good place to start your research by reading cases that have been decided on the United States Supreme Court. These cases can be found in US Reports, and in Lawyer’s Ed. 2nd series.

You can also search the United States Code online to find a copy of the statute. The Code is updated yearly. In addition, you can find federal statutes in print at the Andersen Library.

Another helpful resource is Shepard’s Citations. This service is available at many law libraries. It allows you to search for cases, and it also allows you to update your research references online. You will need to pay a small fee to use this service.

Another online resource is West’s KeyCite. You can also use the Government Reference Collection. This service contains the latest edition of the United States Code.

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