How to Read News in Your Learning Language


News is information about current affairs/events that may be of interest to people. It can include world, national or local events. It can be serious or humorous and often involves the unexpected or the unusual.

It is important to stay up to date with the news, especially in countries where the government is directly involved in people’s daily lives. This is because their decisions may influence how you live your life. For example, if the local government decides to close a hospital, it may impact how you get medical treatment if you are unwell.

Famous people and their activities, whether they are achieving something of note or displaying outrageous behaviour, always make news. The weather, food and drink, health and medicine, the environment, business, money, fashion and entertainment all also make news.

A good headline is crucial to a news article; it needs to be catchy, witty or emotion evoking. It is the first thing a reader will see and it is what will entice them to read the whole article.

As you read news articles in your learning language, try not to just gloss over the words you don’t know, look them up! This will improve your vocabulary and understanding of the text. Also, reading aloud is a great way to practice your pronunciation. As your language skills improve, you will be able to go further and further into the article without needing to keep referring back to the dictionary.

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