How Technology Shapes Global Change


Technology includes a wide variety of applications, such as design, measurement, computation, and research. It also includes manufacturing, marketing, finance, and labor.

Technology is essential to everyday life. In particular, technology has helped humans develop and maintain civilization. But it also has its own drawbacks. Among these, the development of new technologies can cause harmful effects to individuals and groups.

For example, nuclear bombs have changed wars. Furthermore, many technology systems are complex. Some of them are designed in such a way that they require human control to operate.

New technological innovations often create new forces of change from unexpected places. These forces have a profound effect on societal values. Thus, understanding how technology works and how it can change the world is an important part of understanding the global change process.

Technology is a social enterprise. Hence, it is shaped by a variety of factors, including social and political forces. Government policy, media attention, and local regulations all influence the choices of technological options.

Technology is also affected by private-public partnerships. Such partnerships have emerged around transportation, energy, and medical technologies. They raise questions about the role of critical infrastructure.

New technologies are developed through a variety of international organizations. Some of them are multilateral, while others are nongovernmental. The International Organization for Standardization is one such organization.

Most of the technology products require maintenance and replacement. Many products also require repair and training. Depending on the type of technology, these items may also affect individual health.

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