Honda Exhibits Motorcycles at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show


The 37th Tokyo Motor Show is kicking off on Saturday, October 25, and will run through Wednesday, November 5. This year’s event will include a variety of new safety technologies and imaginative concept vehicles.

Honda’s display will also showcase the company’s involvement in the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport’s Advanced Safety Vehicle (ASV) program. Additionally, the automaker will show its KIWAMI, HSC, and IMAS concept vehicles.

In addition to the aforementioned, the motor company will also exhibit its Formula One racers and a 4-wheel electric wheelchair. Honda has a significant presence in Africa, but the question mark remains regarding its expansion into neighboring markets.

Honda’s goal is to share the joy of motorcycle riding. To do this, it is pursuing advanced technology. For example, the company is rolling out standardized replaceable batteries for its mid-sized motorcycles.

Another important development is the company’s focus on emerging markets. Honda is targeting parts of Africa, Latin America, and India. While the company has a substantial presence in these regions, it does not have a huge market share.

However, the automotive segment does have the potential to improve its margins. While the Japanese company may have difficulty developing new models and platforms, it has a solid balance sheet and is well-capitalized.

It has also taken a big step towards improving its supply chain efficiency. As a result, Honda’s free cash flow has been positive for the past five years.

Despite these efforts, Honda remains highly exposed to the North American market. Moreover, the company is faced with limited manufacturing capacity due to the shortage of semiconductors.

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