Home Improvement 101

Home improvement

Home improvement is the repairing, remodeling, altering, converting, or modernizing of a residential building. It also includes the construction of driveways, fences, patios, porches, garages, and other structures not attached to the dwelling house.

Despite higher prices for materials, last year, 24.5 million homeowners completed home improvement projects, up from 19.7 million in 2021, according to the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies of America. Spending on home improvements among people 55 and older accounted for the majority of the increase.

While it’s tempting to invest in upgrades that will boost your home’s resale value, not all renovations are created equal. For example, installing unique light fixtures may make your house stand out from the neighborhood, but it’s not likely to impress potential buyers. In general, you should aim for updates that appeal to a broad audience and fit your home’s style.

It’s important to choose a contractor that has experience in home improvement projects. You can find reputable contractors by asking friends and neighbors for recommendations or searching online reviews. Before hiring a contractor, always get estimates from multiple companies. The quality of work and customer service can vary widely. Also, check with your local home improvement licensing agency to find out if the contractor has an active license and a good track record. In addition, Maryland law requires that all contracts for home improvement work be in writing. The contract must clearly state the price, deposit, and payment terms.

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