Healthy Relationships

Whether it’s someone you love, a best friend or a family member, a positive relationship helps boost your mood, reduces stress levels, provides restful sleep, improved mental health and increased feelings of happiness and contentment. Having that support system can also help you reach your goals and dreams. It’s a great feeling knowing you have a partner to cheer for you through life’s ups and downs.

The term “relationship” is a vague one that can describe a variety of different relationships, including romantic, casual, non-romantic and long-term friendships as well as those in which there’s mutual sex or physical intimacy. Some people even use the term to refer to their marriage, which is a legally binding agreement between two people that joins them in life and grants them certain rights and privileges.

In healthy relationships, both partners show affection for each other freely and without having to be reminded. They respect each other’s boundaries and give each other space to spend time with others in their lives like friends and family. When something goes wrong, they communicate openly and honestly about the issue to resolve it together.

If they make a mistake, they own it and apologize, but never resort to shaming or name-calling. They listen to each other, share their experiences and beliefs, and learn from them. They encourage each other to take risks and pursue their dreams, while encouraging each other to stay true to themselves. They are there to support each other through the tough times, and celebrate their successes.

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