Entertaiment – A Hobby For the Young and the Young at Heart


Entertaiment is a form of entertainment that aims to please and enchant the audience. It can be in the form of live performances, concerts, or pre-recorded products. An effective entertainment production will feature witty acting, appropriate music, and other elements that will hold the audience’s attention.

Different forms of entertainment can range from the simplest of movies to the most elaborate shows, and everything in between. Whether you want to entertain a few people at a dinner party, or hold a grand production for thousands, entertainment is a great way to create an occasion that will enchant a large crowd.

Entertainment can be passive or active and can take on many forms, from simple dance to extravagant theatrical productions. However, the most effective entertainment involves style and humor, and it should be appropriate for the intended audience. Entertainers often make headlines with their performances, and the name entmt is often abbreviated in newspapers.

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