Business Services and BMC Helix Capacity Optimization

Business services

Business services are a vital part of every economy. From the food and hospitality industry to IT consulting and law firms, these services help companies be more productive by offering them a variety of options for work-life balance. They can also provide a financial boost through loans or lines of credit, which can be used for growth or everyday operating expenses.

Unlike products, which are tangible, Business services have intangible value, which can make them more challenging to price and promote. However, pricing strategies vary from company to company and can be influenced by factors such as customer satisfaction, marketing, expertise and reputation.

The emergence of the digital age has also made it easier to deliver business services. Online platforms can be a valuable tool for companies that need to outsource tasks such as bookkeeping, content writing and more. These tools also make it easy for customers to compare and contrast options, which is a great way to increase competitiveness and grow customer loyalty.

Some businesses may have dedicated business services groups that focus on specific service delivery or processes like IT help desk, finance and human resources. They can be managed separately from the business units and may even operate on a shared services model to achieve cost savings. This can be a great solution for larger enterprises with significant amounts of shared or common business processes. The BMC Helix Capacity Optimization view functionality enables users to see consolidated views of all business services and their associated IT infrastructure, including applications, service pools and deployments.

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