Business Services

Business services

The Business services industry includes a wide range of companies that provide non-financial support to businesses. The industry is very broad and diverse, encompassing everything from advertising and consulting to engineering services, waste management and shipping services. These activities help to make companies more competitive and profitable, and they often involve creating value through new combinations of goods and services.

The industry accounts for 11% of European GDP, and is growing rapidly. The industry is also one of the most important drivers of innovation and growth in the European economy. It provides an essential foundation for manufacturing and other service sectors, and plays a vital role in ‘servitisation’ – the process by which the value of products is added through new services rather than from raw materials or manufacturing.

Designing is a unique form of business services, that requires utmost focus and superb creativity. The designing service helps in bringing an idea to life and making it more useful and attractive for the customers. This service is gaining more popularity as people are getting more inclined towards personalised gifts and products.

Another type of Business services is Engineering Services which include a wide array of engineering specializations such as mechanical, civil, electrical and industrial engineering. This service provides a variety of solutions for different types of industries and is very useful as it enhances the functionality of various equipment’s and hardware that are being used by the company or individual.

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