Business Services

The success of a service business depends on four areas: how well it manages resources, how well it solves problems, how well it handles requests and how well it interacts with customers. The four are interrelated, and a successful business has a tool kit to tackle each.

Some examples of business services are IT support, animal control and training. IT support professionals troubleshoot and resolve technical gadgets, such as computers and smartphones, for a company or individual. They install software and update programs to make the devices more efficient and secure. Animal control and pest control services deal with animal and insect infestations at a company or home. They help keep work environments clean and pest-free, which enhances employee productivity. Training services provide workshops or presentations to aid a company’s employees in learning new skills. They may also teach soft skills, such as interpersonal communication and time management.

Another type of business service is warehousing and distribution. These services help companies store and organize their inventory, as well as perform light assembly, mark products with prices, label them and arrange shipping. These services can save a company money and time by cutting down on overhead costs and reducing the number of trips needed to distribute inventory. This type of business service is considered a form of supply chain management and accounts for a significant portion of the business services industry.

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