Business Services

Business services are activities that businesses consume but do not produce, allowing firms to save on production costs and focus their efforts on product development. They are a huge part of the economy and include everything from a firm’s IT infrastructure to its customer service. They can be offered in a wide variety of industries, from retail to finance to education and beyond.

Unlike goods, which are stored in inventory, services cannot be saved for future use. They are provided as soon as a demand is made, enabling customers to engage in transaction-based business models. This type of business model also emphasizes the worth of services, which is derived from intangible assets.

Some examples of business services are animal control and pest extermination services, maintenance service professionals, IT support workers and translation and interpretation specialists. These services provide a number of benefits for firms, including safety and productivity.

Many of these services are offered at a price, which is determined by the value of a company’s purchase and a number of factors. Some services are bundled into packages, which helps firms save money. Others are paid for on a per-use basis, which can increase costs.

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